Welcome Co-op Liberty Quays Southampton

One of our customers just extended his warranty package with us and has been pleased with the systems which have been in his stores for around 4 years, he asked if we had feedback from our customers I explained that we do, but not many put it in writing, he did today.

Hi Hugh, So my basic thoughts are other than the normal cost savings that you work on which were the main reasons for the initial purchase, the below are extra benefits from my point of view on top:

  1.  Reliability of the units - after 4 years the only issues we have had is really a door lock and a couple of tobacco slots that had an issue. In our environment with a lot of different staff (who can be heavy handed this is impressive).
  2. Survived a few major power cuts - Resulted in some power surges, which damaged other equipment - Navarra did not miss a beat!
  3. Not showing its age - normally after 4 years I would expect doors not to close correctly, bits to fall off, painted finishes to be marked up etc..... however none of this is true, generally looks the same as the day it was delivered. Which is important as it is directly seen by pretty much every customer.
  4. Future proof - Started using linked to our old cash tills, but then we installed SCOs. Normally this would mean buying an upgrade or a newer unit to integrate. You guys worked with our EPOS supplier and the Navarra seamlessly links with our SCO's. This means customers can purchase tobacco without using our manned till. This is helpful as 85% of our business goes via SCOs now. Also the Navarra will only drop the packet out once payment has been received (never before!). This means snatch and grab risk is majorly reduced - for a city centre store we have lost a lot of stock this way. Simply put it reduces human error and stock loses far more than we really expected!
  5. Service - the few and I do mean few issues have all been fixed quickly and the communication has been excellent. This is not just a cheap sales outfit - rather an end to end service delivery, that does exactly what they state - rare in today's world.

To sum up, do I regret the purchase? - Nope, I could not live without one now. In fact, why would anyone use the old way of selling cigs? To be honest reliability is the key, if the units stopped working all the time - then they would be far less useful in a retail environment. Simply put, the units are as good as the day they were delivered, after 4 years of a hard life in my stores that is impressive! Plus they can support SCOs.... For me a key bit of retail equipment that I would not be without and that I fully expect to be delivering the results in four more years! I wish the same could be said of my iPhone!

RDH600P Smart Tobacco Gantry Systems
as fitted into all three of Richard’s stores