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Navarra Retail Systems Ltd are proud to be the agent and Primary Distributor in the UK for GM Global Solutions.

We also supply their range of other dispensing and vending systems.

Since 2002 we have supplied over 2,500 tobacco Systems to Supermarkets, Forecourts and Convenience stores.

In 2013 we opened our UK operation. Working closely with GM Global Solutions we re-defined and evolved their range of tobacco dispensers to suit the particular needs of the UK market. We now have units to suit all types of store from the largest supermarkets to the smallest shop. Working to integrate with leading EPOS providers our dispenser’s can now be controlled directly by them.

Navarra have the most experience and knowledge in this area and can help you take control of your tobacco category, increase your efficiency and maximise your profits.

Following the EUTPD legislation combined with plain packaging of tobacco

The time taken to serve customers is now longer with attention taken off the forecourt or shop for longer periods when searching for brands

Selection of the right brands is harder and frustrating for staff and customers waiting meaning longer queues.

Mistakes with wrong brand selection and miss selling has increased and theses are expensive mistakes.

Your current gantry is too big, takes up too much space and offers no protection from shrinkage or theft.

It is harder to do brand counts and stock takes as the brands are harder to identify.

Pilferage  - counter staff have their backs to customers for longer while they search for the brands in the old gantry - shoplifting across stores is increasing

Navarra Smart tobacco gantries can…end all these problems and make your largest retail category by volume efficient and more profitable



Navarra Retail Systems offers a complete technical support service, comprising:





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