Today, GMBOS is the leading multi-brand telemetry application for vending, and is recognised in the sector as the most advanced, universal, complete, intuitive and functional solution available. Furthermore, the GMBOS application is constantly updated, with the incorporation of the very latest advances in technology, while it also caters for the needs of all types of customers.

GMBOS is applicable to a variety of sectors and features the following distinguishing characteristics:
  • Universal. It can be installed in any cigarette vending machine, by simply incorporating a modem, designed and made by GM Global Solutions.
  • Intuitive.The application has a contemporary, user-friendly interface. Intuitive and simple customer access to the various functions.
  • Accessible. Designed to be operated from any device, PC, tablet or smartphone.
  • Versatile. GMBOS is intended for small and large businesses alike, offering the right functionalities for each specific need.
  • Secure. The database is robust, advanced and designed to handle large volumes of data. Communications are encrypted and are housed in high security servers.
  • In Real Time. The operator obtains real time information.

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