Costcutter - Easington

Cornerstone Convenience Ltd run by the Pallister family have just opened the latest Costcutter store in the North East in the village of Easington. It is a new build site having taken over and ex-tensively modified an old public house to create a modern store with the most up to date features.

They first saw the Navarra smart gantry system at the NCS show back in 2017 and said it would be perfect for their new store. They were at the show looking for the latest innovations in retail technology.

8 months on we supplied the site with a RDH600P smart gantry linked to their CPOS tills. The decision to take the smallest smart gantry was based on sound economics and not wanting to stock brands that the local customers were not buying. It meant more space on the backline for drinks and spirits.

The RDH600P is just 600mm wide and holds a range of 40 SKU’s of cigarettes and 6 SKU’s of RYO pouch tobacco. For stores looking to maximise backline space and still retain key cigarette sales it works very well.

The family have also opted for the extra security hasp Navarra offer. This is a thick stainless steel bar and fittings which go over the the front of the smart gantry and prevent the door from opening even if the dispenser locking system has been bypassed there is still no way the door can be opened and adds another line of security for their tobacco stock when the store is unattended.

The security hasp is available on all the systems Navarra supply, it can be retro fitted to existing installed systems if required.